Innovative Global Solutions

Preble Rish Haiti S.A. (PRH) is a Haitian company with a global reach. We are one of the largest fuel importers in Haiti as well as a market leader in infrastructure project management and material supply.

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Our Services

Fuel Supply Hydraulic Material Supply Infrastructure Project Management Alternative Energy

Preble-Rish Haiti S.A. is committed to providing affordable energy and water solutions as well as other goods and services that are essential for Haiti’s development.

What We Believe

We envision a society where basic needs are met and resources are used efficiently. To that end, we strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions that meet or exceed their needs while always ensuring that our business is conducted in an ethical manner and with transparency.

Our Approach

Vendor Financing and Credit Terms

We are very familiar with the budgeting constraints, government contracting and donor support issues that our clients face and understand that one of their biggest challenge is lack of financing. Some form of vendor financing or third- party credit support is often needed.


PRH is committed to a policy of full-transparency. Our contracts are clear and contain no hidden costs, fees or terms. We provide full documentation, accounting for every unit of product delivered and every Dollar/Euro spent on project management. We want to earn and keep your continuing trust.

Anti-Corruption Policies

PRH abides by the anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws of the United States and of Haiti. We scrupulously adhere to those laws, not just because they are legal requirements but also because they are a fundamental part of our business culture.

Hands On Management

Because of the special needs of our clients, we strongly believe that all projects require the continuing attention of the highest levels of our management. Special needs require innovative solutions that can only be provided by highly experienced people.