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Preble Rish Haiti S.A. (PRH) is committed to providing affordable energy and water solutions, as well as other goods and services that are essential for Haiti’s development.

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Fuel Supply

The international markets for petrochemicals and other fuels are changing rapidly. As the United States takes the lead in increasing the worldwide fuel supply, many other developed countries have joined the race for energy innovation through investments in renewables. The sharply increased demand for petrochemicals has shifted to emerging market countries such as Haiti. However, supply has not kept up with demand because energy infrastructure remains limited. Many Haitian businesses are working hard to achieve reliable, uninterrupted and affordable access to fuels that are vitally necessary to economic development. Whether it is jet fuel for aviation, diesel fuel for electric generation, maritime fuel for ocean transport, delivering crude to local refineries, providing ready access to propane for cooking needs, or just ensuring that there is available gasoline for consumers at the pumps, successful economic development depends on fuel security.

In 2020 alone, PRH delivered millions of barrels of jet fuel, gasoline, and diesel fuel combined and 150,000 barrels of other petrochemicals to our clients in the Caribbean.

PRH specializes in helping public and private sector clients in Haiti manage and finance their petrochemical purchasing programs. Because of our experience, we are able to handle all of the logistics of fuel procurement, shipping, insurance, port management and independent quantity and quality inspections. We can also help address storage, distribution and financing issues.

Hydraulic Materials Supply

PRH is a market leader in sourcing and supplying equipment for the construction of major hydraulic networks. These materials include such items as ductile iron and HDPE conduits and related high quality accessories. We source all materials we sell from our international network of reputable suppliers. Our technical experts provide support to clients in this area by assisting them with the technical design of orders, facilitating the sourcing of appropriate materials, and ensuring quality control. Working with a team of reputable service providers, we manage all of the logistics for shipping, insurance, port management, and delivery of the goods. We can also facilitate stockpiling and address client financing needs.

in recent years, PRH delivered hundreds of kilometers of HDPE and ductile iron pipes meant to improve water infrastructure and access for underserved communities in at least ten cities of Haiti.

Infrastructure Project Management

For nearly a decade PRH has worked with our clients to provide project management and engineering services for the construction or rehabilitation of roads, bridges, box culverts, river bed stabilization, potable water supply distribution, wastewater treatment plants, sanitation and drainage systems. We have addressed environmental remediation issues both with a view to reducing disaster risk as well as post-disaster remediation. We have worked on projects for private housing, schools and public buildings.

Our approach to project management is to employ local workers and use every effort to source professional expertise locally. We do not seek ownership of projects and have no political agenda.

Many projects in emerging market countries require sponsorship and donor assistance. Sponsors often require the appointment of an independent project manager to disburse their funds as completion milestones are met. We have established relationships with donors and have worked as a project manager and disbursing agent for public infrastructure projects supported by the European Union, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Petro Caribe Fund, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development and the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Alternative Energy

There is a major change taking place worldwide in the movement towards clean energy. Electric generation fueled by renewable energy has surged in the last decade and is projected to continue to increase substantially in light of growing concerns about the need for tighter environmental policies and the threats of climate change.

PRH is intent on facilitating a gradual transition to clean energy in Haiti. This transition will improve fuel security for the Haitian people.