About Us

Preble Rish Haiti S.A. (PRH) is a Haitian company with a global reach. We are one of the largest fuel importers in Haiti as well as a market leader in infrastructure project management and energy.

Our team has over 50 years of cumulative experience in international trade and finance, with over a decade of experience in the Haitian market. Core staff members managing operations from Port-Au-Prince, along with technical experts needed for the implementation of our various contracts, receive strategic support from our affiliates worldwide.

Our Background

Preble Rish Haiti S.A. began business in Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake by providing civil engineering services for a variety of public infrastructure projects needed to repair earthquake damage. Shortly thereafter, PRH began sourcing and importing equipment for water, sanitation and other projects funded by major donor agencies. In the last several years PRH successfully expanded into the petrochemical and energy businesses. In 2020 PRH was the largest importer of petrochemicals in Haiti. PRH has also become the market leader in sourcing and supplying goods and services that are essential for development projects throughout the country.

What We Believe

Preble-Rish Haiti S.A. is committed to providing affordable energy and water solutions, as well as other goods and services that are essential for Haiti’s development. We envision a society where basic needs are met and resources are used efficiently. To that end, we strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions that meet or exceed their needs while always ensuring that our business is conducted in an ethical manner and with transparency.

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Our Worldwide Network

PRH is a Haitian company and a member of the Indigo Group, which also includes affiliated companies in Europe and the United States.  The worldwide activities of the Indigo Group are coordinated by Indigo Global Development Inc., a US company serving as the lead entity.

The Indigo Group’s primary business is to assist both public and private sector clients in emerging market countries (EMCs) achieve their goals in the areas of fuel supply, infrastructure project management and alternative energy. Their focus is on EMCs because those countries often do not command the attention of larger fuel suppliers and project managers who are either unaware of, or indifferent to, the special attention to logistics, project management and credit terms that EMC clients need to be successful. Although the Indigo Group has a world-wide market, PRH is primarily focused on Haiti and the Caribbean.